The European Health Insurance Card (Replaces E111)

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to access state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or sometimes free of charge.

E111 forms have been invalid since January 2006. Holders of E111 forms should apply immediately for the EHIC to maintain the level of cover provided by the scheme.

All UK residents are entitled to an European Health Insurance Card, and should carry their card with them whenever they visit any country covered by the scheme. The card is personal to each individual, so even infants need a card in their own name.

EHICs are issued free via the NHSBSA and you may apply direct without incurring any verification service fee.

The reciprocal healthcare arrangement covered by the scheme does NOT entitle you to free or low cost treatment where you are travelling abroad specifically for such treatment. It is designed to provide healthcare where it is deemed medically necessary. This can, however, include situations where you have a pre-existing condition and the need for medical attention arises whilst abroad.

It is absolutely essential that you take out appropriate travel insurance - EHIC is NOT a substitute. You will find that many travel insurance companies now insist that you also have an EHIC when travelling to any of the countries covered by the scheme - or at least will give you better terms if you have a valid EHIC.

EHICs issued in the UK to UK residents are valid for 5 years only. After this time, you will need to apply to renew your card.


NHS Choices

  • Official NHS Website
  • Automated telephone ordering system available on 08456062030 (costs may vary)
  • Download postal application form
  • Application can be made without charge


Application Guidance Notes
How to Apply for the EHIC Card

Health Tips

Prescription Medication

You should carry any prescription medication in its original packaging within your hand-luggage.


Generally, you do not need any vaccinations to travel within the EU.

Drinking Water

There are strict rules on water quality throughout the EU. Whilst it is generally safe to drink in most EU countries, stick to bottled water in the more remote parts such as Sicily, Sardinia and Eastern Europe.

Jet Lag

If you are worried about suffering from jet-lag, avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks on the plane journey.

Get Your EHIC Now

It is estimated that less than half of UK residents have their EHIC. Make sure you get yours. Health professionals abroad will often ask you to present your EHIC prior to giving any treatment.

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Applying for your European Health Insurance Card is easy and quick! Apply for your EHIC card in only 5 minutes.

Apply Today Apply for your EHIC card now.

Alternatively, you can visit the NHS Choices site or telephone 08456062030

Official NHS Website Alternatively, you can visit the NHS Choices site or telephone 08456062030